Founded in 2016, Aim High Holdings began as a small group of entrepreneurs pooling resources and ideas together to build companies embracing the Green Rush here in Colorado.


The positive uses of cannabis are limitless. AHH believes there are tremendous growth opportunities in Hemp, CBD products, and the ancillary companies that are supporting the industry.


Charlie Stivers


Charlie Stivers is the Founder and Managing Member of Aim High Holdings, LLC.

His career path begins with the passing of his dad at an early age and experiencing the effects of the unexpected. Charlie learned a valuable lesson in personal responsibility and honored his dad by using proceeds of a small life insurance policy and successfully investing in tech and dot com stocks in 1998. From these real life struggles and lessons, he has experience launching four small business start-ups and a passion for entrepreneurship.

In his free time he enjoys spending time with his son and daughter, playing baseball, attending sporting and business events, loving animals especially bulldogs, and taking fishing and hiking adventures in the Colorado mountains.

To learn more and connect with Charlie: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charliestivers/