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Canna Luxury Tours

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Driving around the state of Colorado you may experience a sudden odor over taking your sense of smell. No that is not a skunk, THAT’S marijuana being grown! That’s money being made by professional business owners with a team of scientists, farmers, botanists, cultivators, and motivated workers.

The culture of creativity, research and advocacy for this awesome plant runs in the blood of everyone in the industry. Many do not smoke it — they ALL believe in the medical benefits and the right for us to choose our own lifestyle.

Emerging Businesses

As entrepreneurs, it’s exciting to see new businesses emerge and seize opportunities in the industry. The legitimate companies being formed by the demand of this movement are sprouting up to support the industry and consumer demand for different products.

From the typical grow operation with high tech automation and boutique dispensaries that feel like a fine wine shop to flourishing hemp farms and science laboratories where new products and research evolve – we have a new economy being grown from the ground up.

Come See for Yourself

Everyone who has serious interest in a cannabis business has wanted to go on a tour — see (and smell) how it works behind the sccenes. We host a few tours to customize your experience:

One Day    –    “Foundations to Cannabis”     Relax as our guest, beginning with private transportation and discover the process from seed to sale, the history and science of the plant, become an advocate for the benefits of the plant and educate yourself about all things cannabis. See an agriculture grow operation, learn from a PhD or an industry expert, visit a dispensary to see what access to legal weed looks like in your own eyes, be treated to a cannabis infused lunch or learn how to roll your own joint or sushi, and tour a lab to see how extracts of the plant are being used to make edibles and oils.

Three Day    –     “Explore the Possibilities of Cannabis”     Enjoy a three day experience of fun and learning that will have you thinking green with the future of Cannabis.  Our full concierge service will allow you embrace this experience knowing that you will be pampered and treated like our special guest. All the “Foundations” experiences plus transportation, accommodations at a 4-5 star destination with meals included. Other unique experiences include: An infused products kitchen to see how chocolates, candies, beverages, and baked goods are made. A Concentrate Lab to see how the oils are used to make vaporized products, medicinal oils, waxes, dabs, and shatter. Travel to a hemp farm to see how a large cultivation grows in the fields and greenhouses of Colorado. Learn about all the health, textile and industrial uses of the seeds and fibers of the plant. Shop at a hemp store to feel how all the different fabrics and oil-based materials are made for us to wear and use.

Special Theme Tours   –    Private tours, group parties, all customized with a group theme in mind for the ultimate experience.